10 Animals That Can Detect Disease And Danger In Humans

David S.-August 30, 2015


We know how awesome and cool animals are. They can be great pets or they can impress us with their hunting and survival skills out in the wild. But would you be shocked to know that there are animals out there that have the ability to detect disease and danger in humans? We surely were and as you read through this list you will probably be as blown away as we were when you see some of the incredible things that the animals on this list can find in humans.

10: The African Pouched Rat

Here in the United States the disease of Tuberculosis isn’t much of an issue.  However in other parts of the world such as the Saharan region in Africa it still happens to people.  The World Health Organization decided to study the disease and found that the African Pouched Rat was able to detect TB in the saliva of humans.  They also found that the African Pouched Rat was able to detect a few other diseases too.  Besides being able to find tuberculosis scientists found that the African Pouched Rat as able to detect the presence of landmines which saves human lives.

African Pouched Rat