10 Cat Breeds That Will Make You Look Twice

David S.-March 22, 2016


Some people love dogs and some people prefer cats. There are some distinct differences between dog lovers and cat lovers. If you love cats you may be the type of person who like the run of the mill house cat or you may be someone who likes to have a more unique animal around you. Hold on to your hat because we’ve gathered up a list of 10 of the weirdest and most unique cats that you have ever seen. Don’t be scared when you get to number 4. We promise it is actually a cat.

1. Highlander

The first thing you probably notice about the Highlander is the fact that the ears curl backwards. The ears are cute but that isn’t the only thing that makes the Highlander look strange. If you take a very close look you will notice that the Highlander is also a polydactyl cat which means that they can have 6 or more toes on each foot. Despite their odd looks the Highlander is known to be quite affectionate and very playful. If you are looking for a fun companion to add to your family then make sure to take a good look at a Highlander.