10 Foods That Improve Your Brain Power

David S.-August 30, 2015


Have you been feeling sluggish and not on top of your mental game lately? Every once in a while we all feel like that so don’t worry too much about it as things usually turn around. But if you want to be proactive and take some steps to get back to the top of your mental game there are some things you can do to speed up the process. In fact there are certain foods that you can eat that will improve your brain power and move you right back to the head of the class. Prepare to get the juices flowing and make your mind sharper as we go through an amazing list of foods that will improve your brain power. There are some items on this list that you probably already know about but we’re sure we’ve got a few that haven’t even considered to be brain food.

1: Fish

We are starting off with fish because most people know that fish is considered brain food. Fish not only tastes delicious but is also packed with tons of lean protein. Besides tasting great and being a healthy food choice there is a lot of Omega 3 contained in fish. The Omega 3 fatty acid will decrease your risk of Dementia as you age. One word of advice is to avoid fish with high mercury contents and try to go for fresh fish vs. factory farmed fish.