10 Gross Signs You’ve Become Too Comfortable In Your Relationship

David S.-February 9, 2016


Are you in a relationship that has been going on for a bit of time? If you are then congratulations but you had better read this article. As the relationship grows longer the list of things we do to impress our significant other gets shorter. Sometimes you get so comfortable with your new partner that you can become downright gross. When reading this list if these disgusting things sound like you then it might be time to make some changes before things really get out of hand. These are real gross things that people do.

We warned you!

1. Oral Hygiene

You probably have a morning routine where you wake up, take a shower and brush your teeth. But when you get comfortable with your relationship things change a bit. Waking up next to someone you love is an incredible feeling. That wonderful feeling may become gross if you alter your morning ritual and instead of getting up and brushing your teeth you roll over and kiss your significant other and try to initiate a little morning sex. If you’re in love a little stinky breath won’t matter and you can get right into some serious early morning love making. You know you are super comfortable when bad breath doesn’t bother you.

Oral Hygiene

image source: youtube.com