10 HUGE Differences Between Mothers and Fathers

David S.-February 14, 2016


When it comes to parenting techniques there are glaring differences between moms and dads. Obviously there are always exceptions to every rule but in most instances your mom is usually the go to person when it is time for some emotional support. Prepare yourself as you read through our list of 10 HUGE differences between the parenting styles of moms versus dads. There are a few items on this list that are so hilarious that it will have you questioning how you ever made it through your early childhood years in one piece.

1. Diaper changing

When it comes to changing diapers there are distinct differences between how dad does it and how mom does it. The first thing is that most mothers aren’t the ones gagging and nearly puking when changing the diaper. Fathers also tend to use no less than 25 baby wipes while their wife somehow manages to get the child clean and changed with only 1-2 baby wipes. Does this mean that women are more delicate and careful when it comes to the diaper changing process or is it some sort of magic?

Diaper changing