10 Most Toxic Places On Earth

David S.-August 23, 2015


It’s easy to take something like our planet for granted.  After all when we go to sleep the planet is there and when we wake up and open our eyes we know that we can go outside and go about our day and the earth will still be right where we left it the night before.  But things that we do in our everyday lives contribute to the atmosphere and if we don’t make some changes to the way we live then we just might wake up one day and not have the earth that we need to survive.  This list of the 10 most toxic places on earth should serve as a reminder that we need to make some changes before it’s too late.  Reading through this list could give you nightmares so prepare yourself now.  We only have one planet to live on and the time for change is upon us.

10: Japan

Back in March of 2011 things in Japan changed forever thanks to the devastation caused by an earthquake and subsequent tsunami.  Not only did this force of Mother Nature change Japan but they also had consequences for the rest of the planet.  The power plant known as Fukushima became so unstable that Japanese government had to evacuate everyone within 20 kilometers of the nuclear power plant.  If the evacuation order wasn’t enough the government issued warnings stating that anyone caught near the damaged nuclear reactor would be arrested on sight.