10 Of The Coolest Futuristic Bicycles You’ve Never Seen

David S.-March 6, 2016


Over the last several years there has been a trend where more people are ditching their car and switching their mode of transportation to the bicycle. By using a bicycle to get around you get the obvious health benefits as well as help to save the planet by reducing your carbon footprint which if you didn’t know is good for the environment. You will be shocked at our list of 10 of the coolest futuristic bicycles that we bet you haven’t seen before. Hopefully this inspires you to lose your car keys and start pedaling around town.

1. Tong City Bike

Let’s face it. Not everybody rides their bike during the day. It can be dangerous enough in the daytime but riding at night opens you up to another list of dangers that can get you seriously hurt if the other people around you aren’t paying attention. The Tong City Bike helps to keep you safe at night thanks to the illuminated light tubes. The tubes are able to be customized so you can make them just about any color you desire. This will help cars on the road avoid hitting you as your bike will stand out in the dark.

Tong City Bike