10 Of The Hottest Women In Sports

David S.-February 25, 2016


Training for hours every day, eating the right food and taking care of your body to become an elite professional athlete has its benefits. There are the obvious health benefits that come along with being in tip top shape. Depending on what sport the athlete is involved in also comes along with some form-fitting uniforms that show off the toned muscles and great figures that all of their hard work has helped the athlete achieve. Whether or not you are a sports fan you will be blown away by our list of 10 of the hottest women in sports.

1. Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick made waves as one of the best female drivers to enter the field of the mostly male dominated open wheel racing circuit. Don’t get things mixed up though because Danica isn’t just another pretty face. She actually has represented women very well in a sport that doesn’t have very many women behind the wheel. Danica rolled her success on the track into other endeavors. She was even named the sexiest athlete in Victoria’s Secret “What is Sexy” list back in 2007.

Danica Patrick