10 Of The Rarest (And Most Mind Blowing) Photographs In History

David S.-August 30, 2015


We love bringing you mind blowing images and stories and this one is surely going to top our list. Thanks to advances in technology there are cameras everywhere and lucky for us some of these cameras capture truly amazing things. We dug deep and put in some serious work to put together what we consider to be a list of 10 of the rarest and most mind blowing photographs that have ever been snapped throughout history. There are no bad images on this list but you will soon see why number 8 on this list is one of the most mind blowing pictures ever seen by man.

1: The MGM Lion

You’ve probably seen dozens if not hundreds of MGM movies during your lifetime and each and every one of them has something in common. Before each film roles you see the image of the MGM Lion roaring. Once you see and hear the lion roar you know your movie is about to begin. This iconic photo was taken of the cameramen who captured that moment. I don’t know about you but it seems pretty scary to be that close to a lion that doesn’t appear to be on a leash.

The MGM Lion