10 Of The Worst Things You Can Do To Your Skin In Your 20’s

David S.-March 1, 2016


You’ve heard the old saying that wisdom comes with age right? Well in the case of skin care this couldn’t be truer. When we are in our 20’s we don’t spend a lot of time considering the serious damage that we may be doing to our skin. Once we get a little older and start to see some spots, wrinkles and potentially cancer we wish we had taken better care of our skin in when we were much younger. Luckily for you we’ve put together our list of 10 of the worst things that you can do to your skin in your 20’s. If you follow some of this advice we promise you’ll be a lot happier than having to deal with some serious skin conditions as you get older.

1. Too much sun

This one is obvious but we needed to start the list with it. You hear all the time about people spending too much time in the sun without the proper protection for their skin. The health effects can be deadly. But besides serious risks to your health in the form of skin cancer too much sun also does damage to the skin. Burning your skin or dehydrating your skin due to too much sun will make you look wrinkled and old well before your time. If you do spend time in the sun make sure you protect your skin.

Too much sun