10 Ways Women Are Better Than Men

David S.-February 7, 2016


Ever since the days of Adam and Eve there has been a competition between the sexes. If you ask most men they will tell you that there is nothing that women do better than men. Ask a woman the same question and you are sure to get an earful of things that women do better than men. We decided it was time to do our own research and put this debate to rest once and for all. Here are 10 ways that women are better at men. Sorry guys but its science. We know you will be blown away by some of the things that women simply dominate over men.

1. Cleanliness

This probably doesn’t surprise you but apparently men are gross! A study that was conducted at San Diego State University took a sample of the workspace of a group of men and compared it to a group of women. Can you guess what the results showed? The researchers learned that on average a man’s desk contained between 10-20% more bacteria than the desks of women. Clearly women have much better hygiene than men. Come on guys! Clean it up!


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