10 Scientology Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

David S.-August 23, 2015


For years the ‘religion’ of Scientology has been making headlines thanks in part to some high profile celebrities like John Travolta and Tom Cruise who somehow got involved and have been used to help promote these beliefs to the public at large. If you don’t know anything about Thetans, going Clear or L. Ron Hubbard sit back, strap yourself in and prepare to have your mind blown as we take a closer look into the strange world of Scientology.

10: Scientologists Have Superpowers

Yes you read that right. According to members of the church high-level Scientologists have powers that the rest of us normal human beings simply don’t have. For example if you reach high enough levels in the organization you will have the ability to read minds or even the ability to move objects with their minds.

Scientologists Have Superpowers