10 Signs Your Relationship Is About To End

David S.-March 22, 2016


Relationships are hard work! They aren’t easy to maintain and if you don’t know the signs that things are in trouble you may be in for a shocking surprise when things seem to suddenly end. Sometimes it becomes obvious that you are nearing the end of your relationship but sometimes things are a little bit more subtle. If you pay attention to the signals you may be able to save your relationship. If you are noticing any of these things in your current relationship it may be time to start planning your exit strategy or making the decision to try to save things before the inevitable end.

1. Everyone else starts to look better

If you start seeing every person you come across as being more attractive than the person you are with then things aren’t heading in the right direction. Everyone likes to look once in a while but if you are constantly finding yourself staring at other people and thinking how attractive they are and how great it would be to be in a relationship with them then you probably are with the wrong person to begin with.

Everyone else starts to look better