Things You Do That Your Dog Hates

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Our dogs are our best friends. We love them so much it hurts to even think of the possibility we are hurting or upsetting them in anyway.

But alas, some human behaviors that we actually think are cute or funny, can make our 4 legged friends very uncomfortable.Since they love us unconditionally they are unable to show or tell us what those little things are and how much they bother them.

If you love you dog(s) as much as we do, you better read this short list we’ve come up with and stop with those nasty habits.Luckily enough our dogs love us so much that we can be sure they forgive us and love us just as much as always!

1. Hugging Them Tight

Hugging Them Tight

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Hugs are a tricky subject when it comes to dogs. If it is your own dog then you can probably get away with some hugs but try not to squeeze too tight and try not to hug for too long.
In the canine world there is no reason why a dog would put its paws on another dog unless it is trying to show dominance or control over the other animal.
Even if your dog lets you hug it, you probably should be the only one doing that.
Don’t let strangers or kids try to hug the dog because this makes the animal feel threatened and very uncomfortable. A good old belly rub will come highly appreciated instead.

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