10 Unique Dog Breeds You Will Probably Never See

David S.-September 6, 2015


If you are a dog lover then you probably think you’ve seen just about every different type of dog breed out there. Even though some of them are very rare you’ve most likely at least seen them in pictures. But hang on because we’ve scoured the web and put together our list of 10 of the most unique dog breeds that you will probably never come across in your life. You can thank us now because most of the dogs on this list are more than just unique. They are super cute too!

1: Catalburun

We challenge you to find another puppy that is as cute as this Catalburun. Besides being one of the cutest things we’ve ever come across you should check out that little split nose on the Catalburun. The unique feature on the nose gives the Catalburun an excellent sense of smell which makes these dogs great at hunting and tracking. You can mainly find the Catalburun in Turkey and not too many other places on the planet.