10 Ways Men Are MUCH Better Than Women

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The question of which gender is superior has been going on for as long as men and women have existed. Ask a woman and she’ll be able to tell you exactly why women are the superior gender. Ask a man the same exact question and you will get an earful on why men are superior to women. We did our research and we’re here to show you 10 incredible ways that men are much better than women. Sorry ladies, today is all about the men. Don’t hate us when you read number 8 on the list. We are just the messenger.

1. Driving

This should start off our list with a bit of controversy. You might chalk this up to the fact that it isn’t often that you find a guy driving around trying to fix his makeup or hair. The research shows that even though there happen to be more men on the roads on a given day than there are women that women make up a larger number of people involved in accidents. Don’t take it personally if you man always asks you to sit shotgun when it’s time to get in the car. We just don’t want to crash.

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