11 Animals That Changed the World

David S.-March 29, 2017


People change the world every time you blink an eye, but animals? Yes, these adorable creatures have changed it all (and for the better!). From cloned sheep that taught us about science to a bear that would influence kids across the world for many years, animals hold a special place in our hearts. Stick around to the end, because you’ll never believe #11!

1. Ham, The First Chimpanzee In Space

Ham, The First Chimpanzee In Space

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It’s hard to believe that almost 70 years ago, we not only made it up to the moon, but we sent a Chimp into space! January 31, 1961 marks the day that we sent Ham up from Cape Canaveral. Ham was trained to recognize a flashing light and pull a lever in response. His flight was almost 17 minutes long, and when he came back, he spent the next 17 years at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. Oh, what a wonderful life!