22 Animals You Should Never Keep As A Pet

David S.-March 29, 2017


Owning a pet, or any kind of living creature, is a huge responsibility. But owning an animal that’s potentially dangerous (whether it’s a snake, spider or wild cat) requires a lot of forward planning.

So before you think about what kind of pet you’d like, ask yourself not simply if you can take care of it, but can you control it and bond with it. If the answer is ‘no’ then forget about it and get yourself a hamster.

Here’s our list of 22 animals we think you should never keep as a pet…

1. African Rock Python

African Rock Python

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Many people find snakes fascinating. But the African Rock Python isn’t just extremely solitary (it doesn’t like noise or people) but also incredibly dangerous. An adult reptile can easily grow to over 10 feet long and, as well as carrying the salmonella virus, can easily strangle prey to death.

In a tragic incident in 2013, two boys aged 5 and 7, were killed when a python escaped from a pet store, slithered through ventilation ducts then dropped through the ceiling of the room where the boys were sleeping. This is an exotic pet you really don’t want.