13 Best Jobs to have in the US right now

David S.-March 7, 2017


What do you want to be when you grow up? In an ever changing economy, a good job provides security and is a large factor in our lives always.

How we choose to spend the majority of our time is important, and it’s safe to say, the millennial generation is not necessarily following in their family’s footsteps. At one point in life, it was common to start on a career track and know you were going to stay in that field for decades. Nowadays, people are pursuing passion in conjunction with stability, security and stress-free environments.

If you can land it, one of these jobs below can certainly be just what you need to live a life of passion and practicality at the same time.

1. Comedian


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There is no denying that being in the world of comedy during the current political, economical and moral world meltdown is one of the best jobs to have.

Ask the cast of Saturday Night Live. Alec Baldwin who plays President Trump, Kate McKinnon who starred as Hillary Clinton and even guests are getting involved as Melissa McCarthy played Sean Spicer to a hysterical SNL crowd. The show is bringing in its highest ratings in over 20 years. Maybe it shows just how much our world is in dire need of a good laugh.

There is no time like now to take the stage to make people laugh.