13 Richest Universities In The World

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Did your university make the list? Searching out a good college to attend can be overwhelming. One factor you may not have considered is how wealthy a university may be, and how it affects your ultimate experience.

Wealthy institutions are likely to have higher quality housing, facilities, grounds and basically everything. They also attract top notch faculty, offer generous scholarships, and are rich with opportunities. Here are the 13 richest universities in the world.

#13 University of Cambridge – $8.1 Billion

Hands down the richest university in Europe, the University of Cambridge sits on a large piece of 800-year old history in the United Kingdom.

With large numbers of high-achieving alumnae who give back, and a lump sum from Bill Gates to offer international student scholarships, the University of Cambridge is lucky, and wealthy, number 13 on the list of the richest universities in the world.

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University of Cambridge - $8.1 Billion

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