All The Ways You Are Shortening Your Dog’s Life

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As a pet parent, you probably do everything you can to ensure that your dog has the happiest and healthiest life possible. However, some of the things you do every day could be harming your dog, and in some cases, these actions could be slowly shortening your dog’s life!

We all want our dogs to live as long as possible, and by eliminating these actions, we can easily ensure that they do. Some of these actions are surprising, and we were definitely shocked by number 15. Are you ready to learn how you might be shortening your dog’s life? Keep reading!

1. Skipping Vet Visits

Skipping Vet Visits

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One of the things that you might do that shortens your dog’s life is skipping vet appointments. According to leading canine experts, you should take your dog for a wellness visit with their vet at least once a year.

We were surprised to hear that if you have a puppy, you should take them to the vet every three to four weeks, at least until they are six months old. This is for shots, exams, and other vet-related services that puppies need, including getting spayed or neutered.

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