14 Ways You’re Ruining Your Eye Sight Everyday

David S.-February 23, 2017


Which of these have you already done today? Human habits are not always healthy habits. Our eyes are our windows to the world and it’s crucial we take care of our vision properly.

Below are 14 ways you might be ruining your eye sight everyday. If you haven’t gotten a check up yet this year, we hope you can keep your vision on point and book an appointment with the eye doctor.

1. Not Blinking

You probably don’t realize this but whenever you stare at something intently, screens included, your blinking rates decrease. The reason we blink is to create lubrication within the eye.

If we blink less, we are sending more dry signals to our eyes, causing them to feel dry, unhealthy and ultimately straining them. For issues with dry eyes, go see an eye doctor.

Not Blinking

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