15 Careers We’re About to Lose to Automation

David S.-August 9, 2017


These days everyone is talking about automation. Some are happy that this instrument of technology is going to make their lives easier while a majority of people across the globe are worried for a common reason. It is believed that over the next few decades, a lot of careers in the US could just cease to exist. Sounds like a problem, doesn’t it?

Here is a list of 15 careers that will be wiped off the scenario due to automation.


#1 Farmers


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Replacing farmers with robots may sound hi-tech but it has a sad story attached to it. If we go by the statistics, climate changes and several other economic factors, the world will have to produce a minimum of 50% more food than now. To boost the productivity, automation will be introduced in the farming industry. Also, robots will be introduced in the dairy industry for similar reasons. All of this will create a scenario where humans will be reduced to a handful and robots will do most of the work on the farms. That’ll cause a lot of farm helpers and laborers to lose their jobs.