15 Countries Most Likely to Win the 2018 World Cup

David S.-June 17, 2018


Companies grind to a halt and streets are empty. Even the least nationalistic or patriotic person walks around in the colors of their country the day their team plays. Even if you don’t like soccer, when it is World Cup time, everybody roots for their team.

This 2018 the stakes are high. Who is most likely to take home this so desired cup, making their nation feel proud and happy? These are the predicted winners of Russia 2018.

1. Brazil


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Already having won 5 times Brazil is the obvious favorite for this year. They have never missed a World Cup and have always placed higher than 5th since 1938.

El Canarinho (The Little Canary) as they are nicknamed can count on legends such as head coach Tite to continue their winning streak. Since June 2016 they have only lost one match.

Every statistic analysis bureau and betting agency counts on Brazil to take home the cup.