30 Foods And Plants That Are Toxic To Cats

David S.-August 2, 2017


Cats are notorious for chewing on plants. Unlike dogs, cats are much more adept and agile at climbing, which makes it extra hard to make sure that plans that are toxic are kept out of their reach.

And although cats aren’t much like dogs where they’ll beg for any scrap of food of your plate, some cats do enjoy stealing human food once in awhile.

Make sure that you know the types of foods and plants that should be kept well out of your kitty’s reach, as there are some that can be toxic or even fatal.

1. Amaryllis


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Although the Amaryllis plant is beautiful, it can be extremely toxic to cats if they manage to start chewing on it. Amaryllis contains toxic substances, which can cause your cat to experience vomiting, diarrhea, a decrease in appetite and pain in their abdomen.

If your cat has ingested Amaryllis, you may notice tremors and lethargy, and it’s best to get your cat to a vet as soon as possible. To avoid Amaryllis poisoning, don’t risk trying to keep the plant out of your cat’s reach.

It’s best not to have it in the house or garden at all.