15 Funny Windshield Notes

David S.-July 23, 2017


Leaving a note behind when you accidentally bump someone’s care in the parking lot is the right thing to do. On the other hand, sometimes you have to leave a note behind when you notice that someone has defied all logic in their poorly executed attempts at parking.

Some people are more dedicated than others in letting people know when they’ve done something ridiculous. Thankfully, most people who leave behind their windshield notes can’t help taking a picture for prosperity, so we can all enjoy the verbal smackdowns handed out to the people who can’t figure out how to park between the lines.

And sometimes, we just have to leave notes on our own cars – so that everyone knows that we’re already aware of the issue!


1. Short And To The Point!

Short And To The Point!

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Sometimes, short and sweet is better than a long winded rant. There’s something almost poetic about a note left on a windshield that gets right to the point. Not to mention, it’s truly hilarious.