15 Highly Unusual Animal Mating Rituals

David S.-August 9, 2017


As any person who studies animals can tell you, the way animals have sex is often purely for reproductive purposes. There aren’t many animals that engage in sex purely for the fun of it, the way humans do.

In fact, not much about animal mating resembles human sexuality at all. There’s usually some strange courtship ritual or dance that involves one of the animals to perform some wild feat in order for the other to even look at it.

What are some of the most unusual animal mating rituals, you ask? Well …

1. Bonobos


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Bonobos are one of the only animals to have sex face to face other than humans, and sex for a bonobo isn’t entirely for reproductive purposes. In fact, sex in bonobo society is used as a greeting, as conflict resolution, and simply as a celebration. These little monkeys have figured out that sex can be more than just creating new life.