15 Of The Worst Places To Live During A Hurricane Season

David S.-September 11, 2017


With all of these hurricanes bearing down on the world, one might be wondering how to avoid living in a place that’s directly in the path of hurricanes while also staying coastal? There’s something incredibly charming about living near the beach, but the drawback is that during hurricane season, it might not be so charming anymore.

There are many places throughout the world that are extremely vulnerable to hurricanes, and the devastation that these cities can face every few years can range from mildly annoying to catastrophic. Those considering a coastal move may what to check out the worse places to be living during hurricane season.

1. Miami, Florida

Miami, Florida

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Out of all the U.S cities that experience hurricanes, Miami is one of the most vulnerable. In fact, Miami has a 16% chance of experiencing a hurricane every single year.

Not to mention the geography of Miami alone makes it a hotspot for hurricanes, as well as one of the worst places to live during and directly after a hurricane.

Not to mention that a huge number of those who live in Miami are only within 20 miles of the coast – meaning that property damage is inevitable.