15 Stupid Things To Do Before A Hurricane Hits

David S.-September 10, 2017


One devastating hurricane has already come through Houston, and another has blown through Puerto Rico. As Hurricane Irma makes its way towards Florida, those in it’s path are starting to get ready to either evacuate or hunker down and wait it out.

Some people, like students or people who’ve only recently relocated to Florida, have never weathered out a hurricane before – especially not one of Irma’s size. While there’s plenty of lists of things that should be done to prepare for a hurricane, very few people are discussing what shouldn’t be done.

What are the stupidest things one can do before a hurricane hits? Let’s find out.

1. Waiting To Shop Until It’s Too Late

Waiting To Shop Until It’s Too Late

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Science has gotten pretty good at determining when a hurricane is on the warpath.

One of the stupidest things to do is wait until it’s too late to shop – getting your supplies while everyone else is scrambling for last minute needs is going to leave you empty handed.

It’s important to shop early while the shelves are still stocked to make sure you have everything you need to weather the storm!