Things About Australia the Rest of the World Finds Weird

David S.-September 12, 2017


Australia seems like another planet entirely, sometimes. When it comes to doing things differently, the rest of the world is often left scratching their heads at Australia.

Where summer is winter and winter is summer, and all of the bugs and lizards are big enough to eat a human being, it’s no wonder that no one but Australians actually know what Australia is like.

People who have just moved to Australia, or people who are just visiting, are often thrown off by all of the strange things that seem commonplace to Australians. Of course, there are some things about Australia that stand out as weirder than the rest.

1. Edible Kangaroo

Edible Kangaroo

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As you might know, the Kangaroo is the national animal of Australia, and it’s a stereotype – and almost a fact! – that Kangaroos are just wandering everywhere around Australia.

Enough photographs of Kangaroos lounging in people’s front yards can attest to that. But strangely enough, Australian’s not only love the Kangaroo, but they love to eat it. Do other places fry up fillet of their national animal? No? What the heck, Australia?