15 Things About California the Rest of the World Finds Weird

David S.-October 29, 2017


Ah, California! The subject of many teen movies, romances, books, and songs. California is a state that extends along the western side of the United States, with coast from head to tail. California is known for beaches, sunshine, Hollywood and celebrities.

Many young people have made their way out to California with hopes of making it big. Everyone seems to know the aesthetics of California, but not so much the real deal – so when people find out the weird facts about California, it’s always a surprise!

Native Californians will happily tell all of those who are visiting, vacationing or moving all of the strange and interesting facts about California that leaves the rest of the world shaking their heads.

1. California Used To Be “The Grizzly Bear State”

California Used To Be “The Grizzly Bear State”

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These days, everyone knows California as “The Golden State”, but that hasn’t always been true. Before, California was known for something more than it’s sunshine: grizzly bears.

Unfortunately, like make wildlife habitats, as California’s population blossomed and bloomed, the grizzly bear’s home and it’s population began to dwindle. After it was all but wiped out, California had to come up with a new slogan – thus, the Golden State was born.