15 Things About UK the Rest of the World Finds Weird

David S.-September 11, 2017


Moving to a new country or even just visiting can be a big culture shock for a lot of people. There can be so many different social cues that people miss, or things that should or should not be done. And some of those things can seem outlandish to people who aren’t used to them.

For example, the U.K is one of the many countries across the world that have so many different things that the rest of the world find weird that seem totally normal or commonplace to everyone who’s lived there for long enough.

People who are new to all of the strange, and sometimes silly practices of the U.K, can see from an outside perspective how different it is from the rest of the world – much like how every country has its own quirks.

So what are some of the weirdest things about the U.K that give everyone a shock when it comes to visit or moving across the pond?

1. People In The U.K Don’t Like Touching

People In The U.K Don

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Now, everyone probably has a thing about personal space, but in a lot of other countries brushing into people is pretty commonplace. And meeting new people usually happens with a handshake or, in a casual setting, a hug.

But in the U.K, people are more likely to go out of their way not to touch you – and forget about hugging a friend or a friend that you’re meeting for the first time! People in the U.K like their personal space.