20 Secret Hot Springs You Must See In The US

David S.-August 2, 2017


1. Mount Baker Hot Springs, WA

Mount Baker Hot Springs, WA

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A primitive, single sulphur pool spring, located in MountBaker national forest, Washington. The access trail is easy to walk and thelength is 0.6 miles (250 steps) away from the parking lot. Quiet and notcrowded most of the time. Beautiful surroundings all around the spring andamazing views throughout the nearby hiking trails. All trails around the springhave wild berries bushes growing to just pick and enjoy the fresh taste ofnature. The best time to visit is may 15th to September 15th. It is possible toget to the springs all year round; depending on the access road condition andthe type of vehicle you are driving. If you attempting to go after a hardwinter you should evaluate the road’s condition that leads into the parking lotand I a case you find it insurmountable go back and don’t try to continue. Thecellular reception is very low and the trail is isolated. Directions: drive on Baker Lake road. Take anorth turn to NFD 1130 (National Forest Drive 1130). On the first fork (Y) turnright and on second fork (Y) make another right and drive until you reach theprimitive parking lot. Be sure to go up from parking area and not down. Hint:look for an old big rock in the parking area with the writing “hotsprings” that will tell you the right direction to the spring. Overnightparking and camping is possible all around the area.