20 Secret Hot Springs You Must See In The US

David S.-August 2, 2017


2. Olympic Hot Springs, WA

Olympic Hot Springs, WA

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A primitive, single pool spring, located in Olympic nationalpark, Washington. Breathtaking scenery all around the trail and amazing viewsduring the hike to the spring. The spring is hot and clean and it is a greatfeeling to seat inside of the hot water and relaxes your muscles after thehike. Access hiking trail difficulty is easy to moderate depending on the lastwinter and snowfalls and the trail’s length is changed from year to yearaccording to the ranger’s decision of safety and transferability. The accessroad (which may be open or closed) can change the length of the hike anywherebetween 2.5 to 8 miles round trip. A good tip is to contact one of the park’sranger stations in order to get a clear picture of the trail’s condition andhiking distance. If you plan to camp bring a tent, warm winter clothing and abear container (you can loan one from the ranger station). Best time to visitstarts at May 15th to September 15th. Hiking the trailwill allow you to see the beautiful forest and many wild lives such as mooseand deer. Directions: From Port Angeles drive west and later southon US 101 for 9 miles to Olympic Hot Springs Road. Turn left and follow thecurved road south into Olympic National Park for 10 miles. At the end of thisroad you will find a parking area and some picnic tables. (Camping isprohibited) This is the Boulder Creektrail head that will take you all the way to the spring. Camping is possible atboulder creek campground which is only 0.3 mile from the spring.