31 Scariest Creatures Ever Discovered

David S.-June 28, 2015


The scariest of all is the unknown, and believe us, there are plenty of undiscovered species.

Recently, there has been a wave of specie discoveries and we’ve curated a list of the most frightening!You DO NOT want to stumble upon these life forms – We created this list to let you know what you hope to miss during this life time.

#31 The Devil’s Worm

The Devil’s Worm

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This worm is able to survive 10,000 feet below us, which allows scientists to nickname it “The Devil’s Worm”.It’s said that it lives so far down, that its existence is a mystery by itself.

It’s not a dangerous worm and it’s also eyeless.Scientists believe that they are the beginning of a new, rich biosphere thousands of feet below. Should we be a little scared?