Countries That Are So Small You Didn’t Know They Existed

David S.-April 30, 2018


If you live somewhere like the United States or Canada, you’re probably used to thinking of your country as being pretty big. Many Americans can’t comprehend being able to end up in another country just by taking a wrong turn!

The world is so huge and diverse, that there are countries so small that you probably didn’t even know they existed. By both square kilometers and population, here is a list of the world’s smallest countries. Some of these you might not even know existed!

1. The Republic of Malta

The Republic of Malta

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Malta is an island country that is located in the Mediterranean sea. The Republic of Malta consists of three different islands that make up the country: Malta, Gozo, and Comino.

While the country is only 116 square kilometers, Malta is pretty tightly packed with 450,000 people who live on the Malta island alone.

It’s a pretty packed country, but still beautiful and worthy of a visit. The three islands together make up closer to 316 square kilometers. Still, it’s pretty small and probably not on your radar.