Crazy Wedding Photos Of All Time

David S.-August 18, 2015

When two people who love each other very much decide to take the next step and get married it can be one of the most special occasions for not only the couple taking their vows but also for their families and friends. That’s why just about every couple who decides to tie the knot usually hire a wedding photographer to capture all of the intimate moments on film so that they can look back years later and remember their big day.
The wedding photographer has one of the most important jobs not only during the ceremony but also before and after the wedding. However sometimes things don’t always go as planned and the photographer just may catch some of the craziest things you could imagine. We hope you are prepared for the craziness that is on our list of the most crazy wedding photos of all time. If you happen to come across some pictures of yourself or your loved ones we’d like to offer our apologies now and say that we hope the marriage didn’t begin and end all on the same day.

The Chastity Belt

Some couples take a vow to ‘save’ themselves until after they are married.  It looks like this beautiful bride has had enough of waiting and is ready to get her chastity belt off by any means necessary.  Hopefully her new husband is ready for a very exciting night.

The Chastity Belt