Funniest Cars In The World

David S.-August 25, 2015


The kind of car a person drives usually says a lot about their personality. For example guys that might have low self-esteem or a need for attention usually drive fast cars or muscle cars. As the old cliché goes a guy that is going through a mid-life crisis will go out and spend big bucks on a car to impress the ladies. Soccer moms tend to drive mini vans. Rednecks drive big pickup trucks. We could go on but you probably get the idea. In our latest article we’ve gathered some of the funniest cars in the world. Now what do these vehicles say about their owner?

1: Flower Power!

We don’t know if this first car on our list was created to advertise a flower shop or not. Maybe the owner is a seriously dedicated hippie who believes in flower power. No matter what the owner had in mind when building this flower car we bet you would be challenged to find a funnier car rolling down the streets where you live. The cockpit located in the center bubble of the flower certainly gives the driver a cool perspective on the traffic down below. As cool as the flower car is our favorite part is the little guy on the bike next to the car. They must get so many funny looks when they drive next to each other.

Flower Power