Funniest Pants In The World

David S.-August 25, 2015


You’ve heard all of the old cliché’s about clothing. There’s the one that says the clothes make the man. There is another that says dress for success and yet one more that says dress for the job you want and not the job you have. We scoured the internet and found some of the funniest pants in the world. Our only question is what the heck do these crazy pants say about the people who wear them? We are warning you that some of the images in this article will be burned into your memory forever. We’ll also apologize right now for the last pair on the list.

1: Straight Out Of Justin Bieber’s Closet

No matter what you think about Justin Bieber’s ability to sing and dance the young superstar is a trend setter when it comes to fashion. On more than one occasion the Biebs has been seen sporting various styles of the low hanging super baggy pants. If you’ve ever dreamed of getting a bit of that famous Bieber swag then your closet needs to have a pair of these pants. Check out the hands holding them up at the top. The confusing part is why is the frown down below your junk? Should that also be a big creepy smile?

Straight Out Of Justin Bieber’s Closet