Funny Cat Sleeping Positions

David S.-August 9, 2015

Are you a cat lover?  Do you consider yourself a fan of everything feline?  If you prefer a pussycat over those crazy canines then you won’t want to miss this list of some of the funniest cat sleeping positions you could ever imagine.  Sure dogs can be great but we guarantee you’ve never seen anything cuter than the cats we caught sleeping in some crazy and hilarious positions.  We couldn’t have made this any better if we posed the cats ourselves.  If you make it to number six on this list and your heart hasn’t melted yet then hang on because it surely will.

Laundry Day

Doing laundry is certainly a chore that no one looks forward to.  But if your best friend is a cat things can be a little bit more enjoyable.  This adorable little guy must have had a long day helping his family wash and dry all of their clothes because now he needed to take a little break from the clothes and just get some rest.

Laundry Day