Ghost Pictures That Will Make You Shiver

David S.-August 7, 2015

Most people have phobias whether they are willing to admit it or not is a totally different story.  One of the most popular fears is the fear of spirits and ghosts.  Have you ever had the feeling that someone, or something, is in the room with you even though you know you are totally alone?  If you’ve ever experienced something like this you may have encountered a ghost.  If you don’t believe in ghosts or supernatural spirits this article just might change your mind.  Be warned, these images will creep you out and if you make it to number 3 on the list you are sure to have nightmares.  If you aren’t too afraid then keep reading but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Child on the grave

A woman known as Mrs. Andrews is the lucky, or unlucky, person who gets the credit for taking this picture.  She had already endured the tragedy of losing her daughter at the young age of 17 but things got worse for her.  One day she went to visit her daughter’s grave.  She claims that she was all alone and that there was nobody in sight when she snapped this famous photo.  When she had the film developed the child that you see in the photo appeared.  Mrs. Andrews was asked numerous times if the child in the photograph was her daughter at a young age and she always denied it.  After some more digging and investigating it surfaced that her daughter was in fact buried next to two young girls.  Could this be one of the infants paying a visit to the grieving Mrs. Andrews?  You be the judge.

Child on the grave