Horrendous Wedding Dresses Of 2015

David S.-August 25, 2015


A couple’s wedding day will stay with them for the rest of their lives and for most it will be a time to look back on and appreciate. They will probably have fond memories of every detail from their special day. The flowers, the food, the guests and of course how beautiful the bride looked in her gorgeous gown. But that isn’t always the case as you are about to see. As we make our way through wedding season we had to stop and pay tribute to some of the most horrendous wedding dresses we’ve had the pleasure, or lack of pleasure of coming across this year. Be prepared to have your mind melt with the sheer hideousness of these wedding dresses.

1: Breathtaking

We titled this one breathtaking not because the gown is so beautiful that you can’t take your eyes off of it but because it looks so tight that the bride is most likely struggling to breathe.  Maybe it isn’t as tight as it really looks and that it’s all just an optical illusion because her boobs are so big that they are practically jumping out of the dress and making her waist look tiny.  Either way it’s fun to look at.  But seriously, she really doesn’t look very comfortable.