Largest Dogs In The World

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You’ve probably heard the saying that size doesn’t matter. Well when it comes to the largest dog breeds in the world that saying isn’t necessarily true. You could probably even say that size DEFINITELY does matter when it comes to these colossal canines.
If you think you have seen some of the largest breeds of dogs prepare to have your mind blown. You won’t believe your eyes when you get to #12 on the list.
If you have been considering becoming the proud parent to a large breed dog you won’t want to miss out on this list. It might just help you make an informed decision on whether or not to go with a huge animal or a tiny pup.

#26 Dogue De Bordeaux – 24–26 Inches

Dogue De Bordeaux -  24–26 Inches

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The Dogue De Bordeaux also is known by the names Bordeaux Mastiff, French Mastiff or Bordeauxdog. The name is obviously French and you’ve probably seen these beautiful animals featured in movies like Turner and Hooch.
The Dogue de Bordeaux has a long history dating back to ancient France and is actually one of the oldest French breeds that we know of. Dogue de Bordeaux is massive! Males can go up to 26 inches tall and weigh up to 140 lbs. These animals are basically one big muscle and you will notice that most of the size of this breed comes from their powerful build and not their height.

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