Text Conversations That Became Funny Because of Autocorrect

David S.-August 18, 2015

Nearly everyone owns a smartphone these days. If you do then there is a pretty good chance that you’ve received a text like the ones we’ve compiled on this list. You know, one that made you ask yourself what the heck are they talking about? Are they crazy? Are they drunk? If you haven’t fallen prey to the autocorrect beast just yet don’t lose hope because at some point it’s bound to happen to you too. We’ve searched and searched and put together some of the most hilarious autocorrect updates we’ve ever seen. Believe us we didn’t make this stuff up. These are real texts from real people that probably wish they had double checked what they wrote before they hit the send button.

Ladies’ Man

Some guys get all the girls and some guys get none.  If you are in the group that doesn’t have any problems picking up women, good for you.  But if you happen to have a friend who has tough time with the ladies be sure you don’t make it worse by sending them texts like this.

Ladies’ Man