The 12 Top Universities In The USA

David S.-February 26, 2017


Gaining entrance to one of the top universities in the US is something we all dream of – studying with great professors, wandering on beautiful campuses and walking away with a college degree that will, with luck, open all kinds of doors for you.

East Coast or West Coast? Traditional or Liberal? Private or public? What really makes a university in the US stand out? Here’s our top 12 list.

1. Johns Hopkins

In 1872, Johns Hopkins, a wealthy childless Quaker in Maryland, requested that his fortune of $7 million (back then) be used to build a hospital and university.

Today, its school of medicine and research is widely regarded as one of the best in the world. Admission to this university is tough, not surprisingly, but with its reputation for leadership in both the sciences and the liberal arts, a degree from here will definitely put you head and shoulders above most graduates.

Johns Hopkins

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