The 15 Coolest Body Art Designs Imaginable

David S.-February 28, 2017


From bald eagle hands to emoji eyes, artists are becoming more and more creative each day. No longer are they confined to canvases and sketchbooks — modern artists are going back to the basics by using human bodies to showcase their talents. We can hardly believe it, but these unique creations can take an entire day to paint. Can you imagine being the model? It’s all worth it in the end, though, because we get to check out these 15 ultra-cool body art designs. You’ve been warned — number 9 freaks us out every time!


1. Bald Eagle Hand

From far away, you’d never guess this bald eagle was actually a painting on a hand. The detail of this body art is truly unique and distinctive. From the feathering to the white highlight on the eyeball, the skill that went into this creation is awe-inspiring! This is about as close as we’d like to get to that beak…
Bald Eagle Hand

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