The Greatest Rock Albums Ever

David S.-October 31, 2017


Rock music has been around since the inception of electric guitars into the music work, allowing for a greater range and type of sound. But electric guitars were just the beginning. Coupled with war and tragedy, rock music was the people’s response to feeling helpless.

For some people, it’s easy to brush off rock music as just noise, but the way that the rock and roll genre changed the face of music is still present and tangible today. Of course, some were better than others. And some were the absolute best of their times, and the best that the genre has ever had to offer.

From various bands and artists, here are the best rock albums to ever have been produced, taking in consideration of their impact, legacy and – of course – sales.

1. The Beatles – Revolver

The Beatles - Revolver

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Revolver came out in 1966, and while it’s almost impossible to pick the very best of the Beatles’ albums, this is the one that really deserves the spotlight.

Revolver is packed full of all the classic songs that people go to when they think of the Beatles, showing the longevity of the album itself.

Not only that, but the quality of the album itself all comes together through the sound, the lyrics and the performance. It’s truly the best of the Beatles.