10 Of The Most Insane X-Rays You’ve Ever Seen

David S.-September 6, 2015


How many times have you been at a party or hanging out with friends and someone tells one of those insane stories about something crazy that they heard about at the Emergency Room?  There are tons and tons of urban legends out there about ER doctors removing one thing or another from different orifices where these things simply shouldn’t be.  Most of the time these stories sound too ridiculous to even be considered as truth but we are about to totally blow your mind with irrefutable proof that there really are some crazy people out there.  They either intentionally did something really dumb or maybe they just have incredibly bad luck.  Either way you should be prepared because what you are about to see is truly astonishing.

1: 5 Inch Knife In The Head

16 year old boys aren’t known for being the smartest people on the planet as they sometimes tend to take unnecessary risks to impress their peers.  But this was simply not the case.  This 16 year old boy showed up at the emergency room with a 5 inch knife stuck in his head.  Yes, we said a 5 inch knife stuck in his head.  We imagine he’ll be carrying these x-rays around with him for quite a long time in case people think he’s making this story up.

5 Inch Knife In The Head