Things You Definitely Didn’t Know That Google Was Working On

David S.-August 12, 2015


Google is everywhere. There is no escaping it. If you have ever touched a computer then there is no doubt that you have used Google. But did you know that Google is much more than the largest search engine on the web? Prepare to be amazed as you read through our list of some of the coolest tech projects that the internet giant is currently working on. The head honcho’s at Google must have been super-impressed when they were presented with these ideas. We’re sure that you will be amazed at what the future holds. We can only imagine that this is only the beginning too!

10. Space Elevator

Ok now this one sounds way too cool to be a real thing but it is.  This isn’t a code name for something else either.  It does exactly what the name says.  It would be an elevator that reaches high above the atmosphere of Earth.  As of the writing of this article there is only one material that would work.  That material is carbon nanotubes and unfortunately for the moment there aren’t any that would be long enough.  But that doesn’t mean that Google isn’t looking for a way to make the Space Elevator work.

Space Elevator