Top 20 Weird Jobs That Actually Pay Well

David S.-April 2, 2017


When someone asks you to list off jobs that pay well, you probably spout off careers like doctors and lawyers, right? Well, what if we told you that jobs like Ice Cream Taster and Bingo Manager were not only jobs that existed, but that also paid well?

These 10 weird jobs will surprise you. Gone are the days when you had to go to college to make good money. Now, you can make a decent living while impressing your friends with your strange (or super cool) job title. You won’t believe what #6 is…


1. Bingo Manager

Bingo Manager

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Annual median salary: $56,593

This may sound like a silly position, but it’s a real job, and it’s surprisingly challenging. While you don’t need a traditional college degree, you do need experience — usually to the tune of 5 years. The Bingo Manager is responsible for jackpots, payouts, complaints, general issues, and compliance with federal and state regulations. Would you want to be the one responsible for calming down angry Bingo-players? For 50 grand, you might reconsider.